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Monday, September 04, 2006

tagged by the zoo

Zorro (the dog) so many things are special about me.
1. I really think I am part cat. I like to play (eat) with the toys they have, they are better than
2. I am a boy but I never had a big boy dog to teach me stuff, my big sister taught me to squat
to pee. (I am 6 and I still squat)
3. I like to go in the car, even if it is to see all my girls at the stabby place.
4. I love my kitties, i want to play with them, sometimes buttons don't like it and she always
runs away from me crying. I will not hurt her, but sometimes she lets me touch her nose
with my nose and that is good .
5. when my special humans come home i go into panic and i have to find something to put in my
mouth so i can meet them at the door and sometimes my tail is making my whole body

1. I like to stand on mom and sing, i would like to do it all night long. she will not let me.
2. I like to pull the covers off mom, i grab the cover withmy teeth and just shake till they come
off. mom sometimes hits me on the head, tells me to stop biting her, I am not biting her,
I just nip.
3. I like to take a nap all day so i can keep mom up all night. I wake up when she comes home
from whereever she goes to all day.
4. I think they like the dog better, his treats are real good and sometimes I get some.
5. i don't like it when someone sits in my spot on the couch. when they get up i take my spot
back. so there...

1. I like to sleep next to the dog. he has long fur coat and keeps me warm. if mom would stop
making it cold in here I would not have to do this.
2. I do like to walk under the dog and bite him on the leg. sometimes he takes his foot and body
slams me, when he does that i bite him on the nose. that is like ten times fun.
3. I like to lay on mom's back thing thats vibrates and when I sing to her it sounds really funny
4. I like to stand at the back door when zorro goes outside and when he comes in we get a treat
just like he does. we just bat it around, bill eats it. but we do like the pig ear thingys they are real tasty, and the jerky stuff is good too.
5. I watch for mom to brush her hair. when she does i say mirp, jump on the sink, I ask her
nicely, mirp, mirp, please brush me too. I watch in the mirror to make sure that the cat
in there gets brushed right to.

1. Bob and I are twins, cept I am calico and he is tuxedo.
2 I don't like to be alone. If I am by myself in a room I hollar up real loud, mom, mom,
she has to come and rescue me for being alone.
3. The VET lady, she is pretty nice and doesn't hurt me. she told mom i have something,
some mune stuff that mean I am lurgic to my teeth. She said I will not have any teeth left
by when I am 3.
4. I like hockey, dad says Bon Bon get out from in front of the tv. but i like to watch the thing
get hit by a stick and get chased. I sometime will hit it and chase it to.
5. ok mom says I have stinky gas. I don't know, but I don't hear anything, mom says I smell
pooh pooh, but she can't find it, so she blames me. I think it is the dog, or dad.


1. I am afraidy cat, fraid of eveything.
2. I wait for mom to be good and sleep, Then I reach out and touch her very gently on the nose
with my paw.
3. The dog scares me.
4. Outside scares me.
5. I watch all the other kids all day, when mom comes home I tell her how bad they were.

1. mom fusses at dad.
2. mom always says, please do not walk in the water bowl with your dirty feet, I just cleaned it.
3. mom is very weird, she likes to get wet every day.
4. mom says her noes is senstive, please cover after your trip to the litter box. but sometimes
it is impressive and she needs to see, geesh
5. mom makes good cereal milk, she lets us share

1 - 5 dad is just plain weird. no explanations needed.

we tag, Digby, Mouse, Sweetie,Jasper Mckitten Cat,2CarolinaCats

Sunday, June 25, 2006

more purrfday

We are real young and don't have this posting thing down yet, so here are some more of our purrfday pictures. Zorro is my protector. Plus he makes naptime cozy. Mommy is calling said it is time for ice cream, what is ice cream mommy. Gotta go, its some yummy time. see you later.

purrfday day

That is dad., bill loves dad and lookie we got real live dead shrimps and mommy made dad catfish and we got some of that too, we didn't eat it, we are not canibals and eat other cats.
Today we had a big purrfday, we all gotta share the day. Zorro birfday June 24 and he is 6 now. Bill purrfday was May 1 and he is 5 now. We are the twins, we really don't look like cause I am a boy and bonnie is a girl. Our purrfday is June 27 and we will be 1 years new, that is what our mommy said. She is calico (bonnie not mommy) and I am a black and white kitty, Just like a panda bear.. here are some pictures mommy took. we are sorry no one could come to our house but mommy said it was so nasty weather and kitties don't like to get all wetted. We know that is true.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


we lost our beloved baby yesterday. he went to the rainbow bridge to wait for us. mommy is sad to miss him, but she is glad he is not sick anymore. i have to find a picture of him to put here. zorro

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

thank you!

Thank you for your purrayers for our grandma. mom has been very busy and has not let us blog for a while. we will return. soon

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


we haven't been able to use the computer for a while. our mommy lost her mommy she went to heaven to wait for us. we will miss her, she would come to our house and she would scritch us a lot. we liked it when she did that. we love her and we know we will see her on the bridge when we get there.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

looky at this woofie getting more play time with Bills new prize toy. Bill loves his new toy, he just wisshes he could get some more serious play time

I can't believe it. I won a prize and I can not even get to play with it. I think mommy needs to get me another toy. look at that woofie, zorro gets more playtime than me.

bob gets his turn with Bill's toy, Bill is upset he can not get a turn with his new toy from max. Buttons aka meow meow watches bobby play with Bill's toy. meow meow is second oldest, she is very shy and mostly just watches eveything that goes on and if we are bad she tells mommy all about it when she comes home.

Bonnie loves Bill's new toy. Bob waits for his turn with toy. baby took the new toy to bed with with him. Baby is the oldest brother. we all love the new toy.

my name is zorro and these are my kitties. my brother bill got a prize from max. can you see it, yup that's it in my mouth. it is my job to make sure it is safe.

bonnie and Bobby

this is my new brother and sister. mom and dad brought them home in ocotber of 2005 and they were born in june of 2005. bonnie aka bon or bon bon and bobby aka bob.

mom is very annoying when I am trying to nap. but I really am a handsom fellow

this is me Bill. I don't like to be cold and I like to take my naps on the couch with my blankie.

Friday, February 10, 2006

new blog

this is our sister shadow. shadow just went to the rainbow bridge to wait for us.